Pain Management


Coping with and managing persistent pain conditions is a complex and multi-faceted process.  Just like pain can affect so many areas of people’s lives, personal and professional, so too must therapy be broad and holistic. Just like in any other type of therapy, often a good starting point is exploring what you are doing so far that's working for you in coping with pain and then identify areas where you feel you'd like to create changes. Often a combination of insight-oriented therapy, education about pain theory and skill-building can be helpful. 

In addition to individual counselling, it can be useful to do a session or two of couples or family counselling. Having a family member coping with a persistent pain condition can create stress, anxiety and resentment in the family.  Couples and/or family counselling can be helpful in addressing the family’s concerns and negotiating any changes needed.  Education about the effects of persistent pain and principals of effective pain management can often be helpful and reassuring for family members supporting someone with a pain condition.